The Western Colorado Classical Guitar Society is based in Grand Junction, CO.

“Our mission is to promote awareness and apreciation of the classical guitar and its music throughout Western Colorado.”

I. Hold monthly meetings and provide comradery and support for aspiring classical guitarists.

II. Educate others interested in classical guitar music as to the history, technique and art of the classical guitar through lectures, discussions and performances.

III. Be a source for classical guitar instruction and performance by maintaining current listings of instructors and performers.

IV. Conduct master classes and recitals to further the knowledge of pedagogy, and the art of playing the classical guitar.

V. Provide a venue and resource for local and non local performance artists.

Annual membership dues will be $25.00 per year. Mem-ber benefits will be to receive access to lectures, discus-sions, refreshments, the Western Colorado Classical Guitar Society Newsletter, and an association with the society. Please contact Javier de los Santos at (970)778-6116 or javierclassicalguitar@yahoo.com if you wish to be a member of the society.